For more comfort and safety, face recognition becomes more and more popular in different applications, especially at airports. But the replacement of gates or kiosk system are associated with high effort and enormous costs. Since more than 10 years we are specialized on biometric face and Iris recognition products to simplify access control and enrollment processes and provides solutions for several environments, based on the best biometric recognition technology worldwide.

Welcome to the paperless airport!

With the Face Bar and the Face Screen we have developed ingenious biometric tools that can be seamlessly integrated into almost any environment. The Face Bar turns classic kiosks into highly efficient enrollment terminals and with the Face Screen each gate becomes a high-speed and high-secure access point thanks to face-on-the-move recognition. The MODI Matching Server with its unique software technology handles up to 200 Face Devices and achieves 1:n matching within 200 ms. The result: A seamless biometric „face on the move“ passenger identification instead of boarding- pass and ID card handling combines more security with a positive traveler experience.

TEST THE BEST and order your Face Development Kit

FaceBar With Customized Design And Color

Use FaceBar to upgrade existing CheckIn Kiosks

Face Biometric Independent Of Internal And External Light

Unaffected by existing light sources and sunlight. Infrared technology helps to overcome this problem

Face Recognition „On The Move“ With No Compromise

For more than 10 years MODI is known for face recognition on the move without stopping.

Database Matching Server For Fastest 1:n Face Recognition

The MODI matching server is able to serve up to 200 face camera clients in parallel, in a 1:n Database match with a matching-time of < 200 milliseconds for each client.

Combined Face / Iris recognition at a distance

Combined Face/Iris recognition at distances between 0,7 m - 1,5 m in FaceScreen and FaceBar design

3D Area Definition For Exact Face Capturing

Precise area of interest definition, including face height and distance measurement.