MODI Facetower (face on the move)

The slim face recognition tower system is designed for a wide area of applications. The system includes a color overview camera for height measurement and gate surveillance, face tracking by a moving mirror with the detail face NIR camera, NIR face illumination and intelligent multicolour signal light.

3DFaceBar (face on the move included)

Thanks a very slim housing, the 3DFaceBar is the perfect face recognition upgrade solution for existing devices like check in-, baggage drop off kiosks or gates. It has a weight of only 200 Gramm but includes one color camera, two infrared cameras and a NIR light beamer which allowed 3d face capturing and fake detection.

Modi Kiosk

Kiosk system with Passport check, biometrical face recognition between passport image and live face plus NIR face enrolment. The kiosk can be expended with fingerprint reader, printer, payment device, etc. The rotatable mirror deflects the camera and illumination on the face independent of the height of the person.