MODI Adomo® (Advanced Optical Modulation Technology) face cameras (patented by MODI)

AdomoThis technology is the hearth of all MODI face and iris cameras independent of their position and housing. The Adomo® technology comprises one detail camera with a zoom lens that captures the face images using a deflecting motorized mirror. The movement of the mirror works in two directions. (up and down, left and right) Out of this the camera field of view can be changed very fast in all directions.
A second camera in the unit provides a general overview of the scene under surveillance and by detecting a face, the coordinates are transferred to the mirror movement controller. Thanks to the high-speed mirror, it is possible to change mirror positions within 20 ms. Out of this, the detail camera can capture up to 30 high resolution face pictures independent of the height of a person or the position in the gate.

– Adomo® technology to handle persons with a height of 1,20m – 2,20m.

– Face recognition on the move

– High quality industrial camera usage

– Highest face resolution (265 pixel between the eyes) for best recognition.

– Maintenance free mechanical mirror unit.