MODI Modular Digits GmbH, is a German company which is specialized on identification products since more than 10 years and has developed a revolutionary camera technology – the Adomo® Technology -.



By this technology the camera field of view is deflected by a high speed moving mirror so that the camera view can change to different positions within milliseconds and track objects and people in a very high resolution.
The ADOMO® Technology was developed by MODI already 10 years ago for industrial applications in the automotive industry and is designed for robust and durable operation.
Based on this proved technology MODI has designed its future vision of high speed entrance control for high secured areas and ABC Gates with outstanding features.
In the area of automated border control MODI Technology is already implemented in ABC Gates at Sofia (Bulgaria), Vienna (Austria) and Brussels (Belgium) airports.
Based on MODI’s partnership in the FastPass research project of the European commission with the aim of harmonization of Europe air-, see- and land- borders the implementation of newest technology und concepts is always guaranteed for MODI Entrance Control and ABC Gates.