Detailed Viewing

The biggest challenge for biometric face recognition systems is finding and recognizing faces in large crowded areas  ( “Face in the crowd” ) . It is crucial that the camera technology is ultra-fast and flexible in terms of viewing angle and can cope with variable distance from the camera to the people to identify. The complexity is then to record high quality images of many faces at maximum speed.

MODIwatch® meets the challenge thanks to its special vision-related innovations.

A search region is pre-defined whereby the people’s faces are detected by the overview camera . The position coordinates of the faces are transmitted to the control mirror and the mirror then directs the view angle of the detailing camera precisely towards each face and makes several high -resolution images within fractions of a second.

The ADOMO® and MODImove® systems allowing a  as high as 50 images / second flow of picture, capture of many people at once becomes possible within a short time.


With this process, many usage cases are possible in the area of Security, or  Marketing: face Recognition in stadiums ( Hooligans searching or identifying )

Security checks at events. Blacklist findings or fireworks Record, shopper behavior in retail ( customer path tracking)
Enforcement of legal bans in shopping centers or casinos
Determination of walkways in airports.