Entrance control

VIP recognition and general biometrical entrance control systems

biometrie2Entrance or access control systems are often based on an authorized list of people that can go through: a white list. It can be complemented by a list of people who are forbidden to go through: a black list. MODItower® and MODIbridge® manage this usage context with both lists of thousands of people with high speed and accuracy  (identification time below 1 second)The “face on the move” solution from MODI allows seamless control crossing : barriers are no longer necessary and throughput is increased, suppressing  queues at peak crossing time ( debit up to  1000 people/hour)

The initial enrollment process is particularly  easy  : while a kiosk can be used as a first step for self-checking-in automatically granting access, it is as well possible to enroll without any kiosk at first crossing by giving a visual signal to MODItower® or MODI bridge® cameras so that the person is enrolled and cross at the same time during its first access or entrance : the simplest all in one process.

The amount of space necessary to implement the solution is minimized to a few meters length for the camera to identify while the person is moving forward and the width of a little more than one person for convenience purpose.The small size of the controlling cameras allows low visibility and aesthetic implementation of the system.

Biometric entrance control outdoor


Outdoor biometric identification is particularly daunting  challenge that MODI has overcome. Whatever light conditions from night to dawn or sunset or whatever sun direction or smog, rain and snow weather conditions, MODI keeps the system accurate and operational.

Thanks to the specially designed NIR illumination MODI keeps his high level of performance and accuracy even at large distances ( up to 10 meters ).

Biometric identification has no outdoor limitations thanks to MODIVision solutions. Furthermore, the ADOMO® technology allows the biometric identification system to work for small size people (1 M ) to great sizes up to 2,20 meters high.

Adapted to children, MODI’s outdoor solutions are already in use for leisure parks.

Equipped with MODImove® magnetic movement system meaning less mechanics involved, packed within MODI special outdoor housing product, MODItower has uncomparable  Mean Time Between Failure and requires very low-level maintenance.

It is resistant to temperature and humidity.