MODI Facetower (face on the move)

The slim face recognition tower system is designed for a wide area of applications. The system includes a color overview camera for height measurement and gate surveillance, face tracking by a moving mirror with the detail face NIR camera, NIR face illumination and intelligent multicolour signal light.

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The UltraFace Tower is more than a biometric face camera.

Face tracking by a fast moving mirror allows high resolution and robust face image capturing up to a distance of 8m in an area of 5 m in width.

The integrated Infrared illumination makes it easy to use the system even under difficult light conditions.

Together with the unbeatable multi wavelength face matching algorithm the UltraFace Tower is the most flexible “face on the move” solution for the different use cases.

  • Less user cooperation needed
  • Fast identification < 1 sec
  • Database search 1 million faces < 1 sec
  • Image quality check which allows to collect pictures for additional and later use.
  • The most flexible and fastest solution for face recognition in wide areas.